The Platinum Ticket by David Beynon

The Platinum Ticket by David Beynon
Shortlisted for The Terry Pratchett Anywhere But Here, Anywhen But Now First Novel Prize

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Half Way to 90

Well, another trip around the sun successfully completed with the realization that I most likely have more behind me than ahead of me.  But, I'm guessing, the ones ahead of me are going to get better and better (until the last ten which, to paraphrase Dennis Leary, are the wheel-chair, adult diaper, can't wipe your own ass shitty ones).

Anyway, it was kind of interesting that my birthday fell upon Chinese New Year here in North America.  This is the year of the dragon, so I celebrated by drawing a little Chinese dragon in my notebook which both kids instantly recognized as being dragon-like.  One point for retaining the drawing skills in my old age.

I don't make resolutions on January 1st.  I've always figured that since I have a January birthday that if resolutions are to be made, I can make them on the 23rd.  So, since my birthday and Chinese New Year arrived at the same time, I made a few Chinese New Year Resolutions.

I don't often share my resolutions and I'll keep most of them to myself.  Here's one, however:

I have a pair of fascinating, interesting and dynamic children sharing my house and my life.  They promise to do nothing but become more interesting as time goes by.  I really want to see what these two are going to do in the world and, selfishly, I want to do that for as long as I possible can.  To that end, I have resolved to be healthier.

I have been exercising more and I have improved my diet.  There was a time when vegetables performed only the role of decoration on my plate.  Everything green and leafy might as well have been parsley for all the chance it would end up in my mouth.  I have always believed, and still do, that my ape-like ancestors did not fight their way to the top of the food chain so that I could enjoy a salad.  No, sir.  Meat is king.  An opposable thumb is a damn handy thing to have when peeling an orange but it can be done without.  Not so holding a steak knife.  As Larry Niven once said, it takes little to no skill to sneak up on a leaf.

That said - months ago, I stood on a scale and the scale told me, without a doubt, it was time to change something.  So I have.  Meat is still my friend and always will be, but I have tempered my carnivorous habits with a new relationship with our leafy friends.  Yes...the leaf is now my friend, too.

So far I've had results.  Since that initial eye-opening step on the scales two months ago I am happily 20 pounds lighter and feel a lot healthier.  And I intend to keep it up.  I have other resolutions that I won't share but this I vow with my Chinese New Year Resolution:

In the Year of The Dragon, this guy won't be draggin' his ass anymore.